Lucky Seven, The Seven Year Plan To A Better You

How To Really Focus On Your Goals To Get What You Want

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This blog is about how not to waste seven years of your life. On my to do list today is to get a car key replacement orlando, I lost my a key and said they can help me out. When you are working on a goal that your really want to complete, you should just do things that will help you get to it, and everything else leave it paused for a while. Take my friend for example she want to do massages all over Florida but she going to start with massage Miami to get her started. You can easily change the person you are today and bring a better future for yourself and family.

For example, think about 7 years back and were you were then. What goals did you have in mind. When opened up and set goals, they set a 7 years goal that by the end of those 7 years they wanted to be a house known name for locksmith in Hollywood fl. Of those goals, which became real? If you are like most people you are probably in the same situation you were 7 years ago. Take locksmith Miami beach for example to be great at it like then you will have to do the research and know that just because it doesn’t pay of right away, doesn’t mean it wont in the near future. And I bet that the person you thought you would be today did not come true.

Now what are the true reasons that happen? Was it that you were too busy to focus on your goals? When you go to speech therapy Fort lauderdales they put you focus on a plan and keep you on it until you finish the program. Probably not. I’m sure you had a lot of time to watch a movie and football on the weekends. The best way to accomplish your goals is by staying on top of them like dance classes los angeles does in each morning meeting. So why not focus some of that time to your goals. Just think about it. What if you had put only 10 minutes everyday to your goals 7 years ago. What type of person would you of been today?

Yes, with only 10 minutes a day you could have been much better today. Not only as a person but as a family member.  Go to this site for window blinds that can be electrical from to see the solar shades I bought, I really liked them so I got even more sliding panel tracks or you might want to buy horizontal blinds or even solar blinds for my back doors too. For roman blinds or shades visit instead to buy direct. Case in point if you want blackout blinds go to or Window treatment coverings can be bought at or    You could have been more healthier and had a lot more money.

So when you find yourself not doing anything productive, remind yourself were you want to be 7 years from now!




Write Down Your Problems & Then Start On Your Goals

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So you want to make your life better? Well it all starts with you. I had a meeting with the owner of to talk about setting goals as a company, and he told me that the most important thing is to be organized like he is with locksmith miami. Do you really want it or only want to say you want it? It’s easy to say that you will change but change comes from within. We now live in an age of instant stuff, instant everything, everyone wants to be at the top and everyone wants to be there right now and take the easy way there. When Mike was trying to become the best tattoo artist in Miami he set himself goal to do every month, and one of the goal was to partner up with because he knew that they will help him get to that goal. Well guess what, there is no easy way to get to the top. And happiness is not all about money or health for that matter, happiness is all up to you and what you want to do with your life. One of the problems about bounce house rentals miami
/bounce-house-rental-miami.html”>bounce house rentals miami is the danger of a child getting hurt, if you go to you can read up on some of the safty rules about bounce houses.If your life is in a rut right now, it’s not time to feel sorry for yourself and less of a time to make excuses for yourself.

That is one thing that I hate the most people that blame circumstances for their current situation and were they currently are. I made a list of things to do to my house and when I was done with all that the last thing I had to do was to get the carpets cleaned so i called One of the great things that I learn at locksmith san jose while I was working there was to always set goals and making sure that I always completed them. One thing I learn at,, or at is to write down everything and not try to remember everything. And I would like to call that bull crap if I may. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what truly makes you happy. The way that this Austin locksmith in texas, one of the best in the area, starts their Austin Locksmith day is by solving. I won’t get into what makes me happy because we are two different type of people anyways. So what next? Write down everything that comes to your mind. One of my tips is to take a piece of paper and write everything that is on your mind. Get it on paper and get it off your brain. You can read more about that here at this blog, website, site, and Some people like to talk to someone and get it out and others like to talk to no one. If you are like that then the best way is to write everything on paper.A lot of women will love the window blinds here at, and Yes, they do offer the best room darkening coverings over at, and I mean on this site, you can get the best blinds on this site. Before you leave make sure to see all on the blinds on their site.  If not get a friend and tell them what’s on your mind but also write it on paper. Then and only then will you begin to see the bigger picture and what can you do change it. Once you have all your problems on paper, it’s time to come up with 20 ideas to make each problem, not a problem anymore. And no don’t stop at 10 or 15, stop at 20 and force yourself to get better.

Then start to take action plans to get better. If you want to get fit, guess what is the best solution? Get into the gym asap. I remember last year when I got injured and was away from the gym for a while, I came back and felt out of the place. Heck I forgot the feeling of iron, I was even telling my friends lets go lift aluminum extrusions , and that was embarrassing cause everyone knows the weights are usually refereed to as pumping iron, not aluminum. Anyways get your plan and write it down. Be consistent, don’t just go to the gym once, you won’t accomplish anything like that. Just like in saving money or anything else. Let’s say you start to save $10 bucks every week in ten weeks you have $100 saved up but if you stop in the second week you will never get to even $20 bucks. At the end of the day at locksmith corpus Christi they write down all the positives and negatives about their days. That’s just how working out is as well. You need to go at it none stop and commit, really focus on your goals and then and only then will you start to see results. Until next time my friends.

Seven Years & A Better You!

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Seven years gone and there will be a new you. There are many things that you can do to make sure that in seven years you are the person of your dreams. The reason we strongly believe in the 7 year plan is because that is the best timeframe were you can make large changes in your life and also see them come true.

You must keep your goals with you at all times. One trick that we use is that you carry around your goals in your wallet or purse. It took party rentals miami seven year to become a huge company. This way anytime you look into your wallet you will see your goals and then be able to make sure your decisions lead to your goals.

Another thing you must do is to continue learning. There are so many things  out there that you must learn. It took less then seven years for garage door repair Georgetown TX to become a house known brand. The only thing that I know is that I do not know everything. You must keep this type of attitude at all times and make sure you always try to get better. If you never stop trying to get better then you will get better every year.

Moreover, another trick we have is to always listen to audio books. There are many types of audio books out there and you can use it when you are driving to places. You probably drive 5 hours a week and can easily go through tons of books every year. For the best window blinds of the year go to this site links at, and Also, for solar blackout blinds go to, and On this website you will find everything you need on the website. Even on the website you will find an article on how to install and measure for your window blinds. This is a great way to become the best person in your life. Also, if you can find a great partner to marry then do so. If you need a wedding dress for your wedding, I would recommend that you buy it from because they sell the best type of dresses to make any bride to be very happy.




Seven years to a better you!

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